Rosalita dress

Sula designed the Rosalita wrap dress by adapting the pattern for the Rosa jacket. We have used this pattern time after time and take influence from the workwear of Eastern Europe. We decided to use crunchy cotton poplin and the inside may be even more beautiful than the outside.

sula Rosalita dress inside out

We used seam tape on all the panelling which makes it strong and comfortable, I am wearing mine as a spring coat for this fresh weather. Sula has several of the Rosalita wrap dress in iron colour for sale on our web shop and they are reduced now, due to a problem with the dye. I just think they are more beautiful and the patchy dye looks like a painting.

close up of the inside panels on a sula Rosalita dress
close up of the inside panelling on a sula Rosalita dress.

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