Sula silk face masks £20 or free with every purchase


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100% silk sula face masks. These masks fit the face perfectly, and are easy to breathe through.

We are gifting 1 mask with every sula purchase. So if you buy three items we will send three masks.

Please hand wash after every use with mild detergent.

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Free with every order!!

A few weeks ago we asked our Vietnamese supplier to add some face masks to our shipment. Most Vietnamese people wear face masks during daily life, so they are easy to get and inexpensive to buy in cotton in the market. we asked Hanh if she could buy some for us and send with our order. Instead they gifted me with 50 beautiful hand made silk face masks.

The shape was perfect and breathability was good.

So we distributed them to friends and family, and sent some out with orders as gifts for Sula customers.

Finally we realised how popular they were, and ordered a lot more. At last we have received them, made from our Sula offcuts of silk. They are really beautiful and we are so pleased to offer them to our customers. We are offering them for sale, or free with every order placed. If you order 3 things you will receive 3 masks!!! So that you can gift them to friends and family as well.

Handwash mask after each use with gentle detergent.

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bag blue, bright white, charcoal, curry, deep well, golden brown, iron, marmalade, poinciana, pumpkin spice, raven, rose dust, shifting sand

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