Pink has been a cornerstone of Sula’s design since Alison Taylor started the brand 25 years ago. Today, the sula team gathers to discuss our fondness for the colour and why it remains significant in our collections.

model wearing japan pants sula Easy drawstring pants

We discovered that pink is considered a calming colour linked to love, kindness, and femininity. The calming effects of pink are well-documented; football teams even paint opponents’ dressing rooms pink to keep players docile and slow! Even more amazingly bright pink has been discovered as the world’s oldest colour!

Alison views pink as feminine and childish. Young children are often intensely drawn to the colour before suddenly rejecting it as they grow older. Pink is unique in its contentiousness in society, holding varied meanings, social and gendered implications.

Our main attraction to pink is its warming effect on color palettes. It makes other colours sing, especially yellow, enhancing its vibrancy.

Pink fills the Sula studio! Our pink Henrietta the hoover sits beside pink measuring tapes and seat cushions. For us, pink brings joy, and we love surrounding ourselves with it.

Alison loves shocking pink and especially when used in large swathes. She says, “I gifted my friend Helen a dust dress, and she dyed it bright pink and looked incredible! That vision has really stuck with me.” Sula production manager Hannah’s favourite pink is that of rhododendrons, where the petals’ color bleeds out like water on a watercolor painting. Nature provides us great colour inspiration, like the incredible fuchsia of dragon fruit.

Cecile Bahnsen is another pink inspiration, creating a gorgeous pink and red screwball dress which we adore, this is photographed below on the right.

Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection features a spectrum of pinks, from watery rose to lilac-infused bright candy pinks. Lilac sachet silk cotton satin Japan pants are shown above, paired with a poppy red Sweet blouse.

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