sula makes all their clothes in vietnam, india and the uk. 


Alison works very closely with the people who make sula. she visits Vietnam twice yearly to work on sampling and check production and has formed personal relationships with both managers and makers.

The workshop where sula is made is in a beautiful location between the paddy fields and the mountains, a few miles south of Ha Noi. It was founded by Yen, who’s passion was to perpetuate the crafts of her region. Since the 15th century much of the province have made a living from hand embroidery, and there they continue in the twenty first century.

Their method of garment making is unique, they stencil the pattern markings onto the cloth before cutting and this method ensures precision accuracy.

The garments are finished by hand, using cut work, hand worked button holes and hand stitched facings and hems.


Sula makes very special tailored garments in a workshop in eastbourne just a few miles up the coast. These garments are made using traditional tailoring techniques and the finishing often includes keyhole buttonholes, and hand stitched tea stained pockets and linings. the quality is superb, and the clothes should last a lifetime.


Sula has worked hard to cut down on plastic waste, and for several seasons have received and shipped without the use of plastic bags. Many of our garments have shell buttons instead of plastic.  Sula is working on making wooden buttons which do not get damaged in the wash. Watch this space.


Sula staples have long been natural silks, peace silks, khadi cottons, heavy linens and soft woollens.

Sula buys their textiles from small textile mills around the world, choosing to support smaller businesses where craftsmanship and quality are valued.

image of hand made embroidery