Our Winter collection

Clothes are softly tailored and take your shape. They are flattering and suit the feminine body in all its diversity. New styles include a fully reversible back-pleat jacket.

Matilda in New York

Upon our arrival at D+A morning light poured in from the windows We all had an excited buzz motivating us through our jet lag as it was a busy show. 

our collection for summer 24

Overalls have all been carefully cut to flatter the female form. We also present our first bridal dress as well as a new print, inspired by the faded pressed flowers found betwixt antique books.

embroidering over damage

sadly a few of our cutwork skirts were marked during the making process, We have embroidered over the damage inspired by kintsugi, a visible mending technique.

indigo dyeing

Indigo dye is an ancient practice first discovered in India around 5000 years ago. The synthetic dye provides a longer lasting more even colour which we have decided to use for our collection.

flower embroidery mending

A seemingly random hand embroidered daisy adorns one cuff – it made us smile and covered a dye spot. The daisy is accorded qualities of loyal love, purity and beauty.

making Thames skirt

Thames quilted skirt is redolent of an 18th century petticoat, one worker will have spent at least two days hand quilting the skirt and intricately stitching this hem.

Section of Jennifer Packer painting

Colour story

sula collections always start with a colour story, the incredible Jennifer Packer exhibition I went to see inspired our following spring and summer collection we created.

Trang modelling sweep dress in Ninh Bing, yoga pose

challenges ahead

There are sad endings and new beginnings with unprecedented challlenges ahead. Changes like getting off the fashion calender would be a welcome relief for Sula as a micro business.

science behind colour

most people are trichromatic, this means they have three different types of cones in their eyes. A tetrachromat has 4 different colour perception channels.

Cardigans in Summer

After a life time of collecting cardigans, I decided it was time to take the best features and design the perfect cardigan. They are knitted from the wool of a Peruvian Highland sheep.

The Rosalita dress

The Rosalita dress was inspired by the Rosa jacket which has roots in Eastern European workwear. I am wearing mine as a spring coat for this fresh weather.

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