I have been meaning to post these pictures of Karen and Celeste since before Christmas. Time escapes too fast in this job.

Karen is 52 and Celeste her daughter is only 19. They have both been wearing Sula stuff for years, when Celeste was tiny she ran around in Sula blouses, which came to her feet, and kept a Sula silk cape in her cot, she even still has it, it must have vintage appeal by now. Here they both are in these pictures taken by Maga Esberg.  


Catweb-Blouse-Check-Zarina-skirt-Sula-Maga-Esberg Karen-and-Celeste-Catweb-blouse-silk-georgette-Celeste-trampoline-Catweb-Blouse-Solin-Skirt-Sula-Maga-Esberg

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