Since joining the sula team in February I have had so many amazing new experiences; this season I had the exciting opportunity to join sula at the designers and agents show in New York!

It was my first time visiting America and I was extremely excited; mostly to hear the accents and feel as if i were in a movie.

The show was better than I had ever imagined; Situated on the 18th floor of a gorgeous Manhattan building I was infatuated by the views of the skyscrapers, rooftops and the Hudson river that engulfed the show. Upon our arrival morning light poured in from the windows and illuminated the gorgeous clothes, accessories and shoes. 

The best part of the show is the comradery between stalls, we met some lovely people and I was so inspired by the brands I got to see. Alison, Hannah and myself all had an excited buzz motivating us through our jet lag as it was a busy show. 

We went out for dinner every night, first to a Peruvian restaurant in Brooklyn on Saturday, Ramen on Sunday, and finally Shukette in Manhattan on our last night which was really incredible. The area we stayed in had a big green bridge above us which the three of us all found very beautiful. I woke up early on our last day and went for a walk around Brooklyn taking photographs as the sun rose up and people took their kids to school.

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