Sadly a few of our cutwork skirts were marked during the making process, today we decided to make the marks into something beautiful by adding some extra floral embroidery over them.

We picked out some embroidery threads to compliment the colour of the skirts, wanting to add a subtle detail so as not to over-power the skirt. Each flower embroidered by the Sula in-house team is uniquely different. Inspired by the Japanese ceramic repairing technique kintsugi, where cracks are mended with gold, leaving a gold seam behind. Kintsugi is a visible mending technique, enabling the owner to track the items history through its breaks.

The original embroidery on the skirt is appliqué done by hand in Vietnam; this whimsical embroidery was designed by Alison for the SS23 collection, it is influenced by 1930s embroidery.

We have reduced the price of these renewed skirts on our website, we want you to enjoy your Sula items for many years, and if your Sula does need some TLC, perhaps this post can inspire you.

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