Gather up your no longer worn sula garments and pop them in the post.

We are so excited to be launching a sula preloved scheme! You are now able to send us sula pieces you no longer wear and in return we will give you a discount code to be used on our website.

Where possible and nescesary we will be mending the garments so that we can extend their life span, we will give them a rating out of 10 with a point reduced for any damage. We will then list the renewed garments on a ‘pre-loved’ section of our website, they will be clearly differentiated from new sula. We are always looking for ways we can improve sula to make less of an impact on the planet we hope that this initiative also means that more people can enjoy sula.

We hope that this will make sula accesible to more people as well as giving our clothes a second lease of life and reducing the waste we put into the world.

All sula items must be returned to our shoreham studio clean.

if theres a sula piece you loved but missed the first time around this might just be your moment to get your hands on it with sula preloved!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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