This dress was designed last May, and is now in the shops. Many of our stockists are closed but selling them online. please support small businesses and take a look at your local shops (online version) for Sula. we have three khadi cotton thorn dresses. Only cotton, all the silk ones are gone. I had been holding them back, as they are perfect for summer, but have decided to put them into our webshop now. The weather is so beautiful today and we do have a holiday weekend to celebrate!! So please take a look. They are one size only and are a little transparent so they come with a slip inside.

This dress was designed using traditional Mexican inspired shapes. All the pattern pieces are squares and rectangles. The only exception is the neckline, although the traditional huipil blouses did not have a curved neckline. We experimented a lot with this, and found that we could make this flattering for more body shapes if we used this one curve for the neck.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend. Please take a look at our online shop. We would love to hear any comments you have so please do leave them in the comments section. We are interested to hear your news and views.

XXX from sula

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