When I started thinking about sula ss20, it was actually early spring in 2019. the year when I got married. We started to plan our honeymoon and after a re-watch of Frida the movie, Mexico came top of our list.

After visiting the wonderful exhibition at the V&A making herself up about Frida Kahlo, I became interested in the square shapes and deceptively simple garments that were worn by Kahlo. It is interesting that the garments are made only of rectangles and squares of cloth, and I wanted to build the sula ss20 collection while experimenting with this concept. An example of how we used this idea is in our featured image is the Angel blouse in silk chiffon. It has hand worked smocking panels in bright colours. We made the same shape in khadi cotton without the embellishment.

Here is a link to an article about the Huipil blouse that is frequently still worn by women in Mexico and much of Central America. Frida Kahlo’s personal integrity and style has become an inspiration to women all over the world. Sadly we never made it to Mexico that year.

Below are some of the garments that were influenced by Kahlo.


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